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Did you know that the point of joining a trade association is to expand your knowledge of your industry and your business, to create a network of other professionals within your industry in order to better develop your own business, and to advocate for your industry with the various governmental agencies and the public at large.

As a Trade Association, did you know that the Maryland Land Title Association (MLTA) does this for you?

  1. We stay on top of the current events and judicial and legislative efforts that affect the way we conduct our business, and we make sure to disseminate that knowledge to our members.
  2. We provide events to educate you on those issues that help you promote your business, conduct better business, and keep you compliant with all regulatory requirements.
  3. We provide you with social and networking events where you can meet and network with others in the industry to develop those relationships that will assist you in providing better services to your clients and customers.
  4. We give you a voice in Annapolis, on Capitol Hill, and with the general public to promote your business in a positive light.

It is not MLTA’s intent to provide you with business leads or to provide you with employment services. However, you can actually create these things for yourself when you get involved. When you attend our events and read our publications, you learn valuable information that will be useful in promoting your business to potential clients and customers. You also meet others within the industry upon whom you can rely in resolving business and title issues that help you service those clients and customers, as well as possibly provide you with the contacts to obtain employment when you see the need.

Our annual dues structure tends to be more affordable than most other associations because:

  1. Our leadership is made up of member volunteers who give an average of 3‐4 hours/month to the Association.
  2. All of our events are organized by member volunteers, who provide you with our educational sessions, social events, and conventions.
  3. We have one paid Administrator and no paid staff.
  4. Our committee members give 1‐2 hours/month on average to the Association.


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