ALTA Liaison 
R. Michael Smith, Esq.

CLTP Committee
Sherry Blyton, CLTP
Michele Blanco, CLTP

Convention Committee
Sara Custer
Chris Schroeder

Education Committee
Eric Oberer, Esq., CLTP
Jack Carter, Esq.

Finance & Investment Committee
Tim Mullin, CLTP
Eric Oberer, Esq., CLTP

Legislative Committee  
Susan Zuhowski, Esq.
Casey Aiken, Esq.

Membership Committee
Elizabeth Miller

MIA Liaison
Matt Lynch, Esq.
Robert Moses, Esq.

William O’Connell, Esq., CLTP
Mark Glazer

Nominating Committee
Jennifer Greenberg, CLTP
Title Counsel Committee
Amy Klein, Esq.

Help shape the future of your association. MLTA is seeking volunteers to participate in all of our committees to continue the growth and expansion of the association. We’re hoping to find good representation across all sectors of our membership (agents, underwriters and vendors). Please consider joining! To learn more about committee expectations, please contact us at [email protected].