A TIPIC is an independent contractor, including an attorney, who provides on behalf of a TIP (Title Insurance Producer) escrow, closing, or settlement services that may result in the issuance of a title insurance contract. A TIPIC (Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor) must be a commissioned notary as well as be licensed by the Maryland Insurance Commissioner to conduct business in the state of  Maryland.

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Image result for maryland welcome signBecoming a TIPIC in Maryland begins with completing the Pre-Licensing course. To prepare for the exam, the MLTA provides several options for learning that will not only meet your scheduling needs but your learning style. The MLTA offers both in-person classes as well as online classes to obtain your Certificate of Completion. Join MLTA and you can save $200 on the course registration!

All TIP and TIPIC must be licensed in order to conduct business in Maryland. Once a TIPIC has his/her notary and title insurance producer license,  you must be appointed by the title insurance insurer. All TIPICs must verify that the TIP has the appropriate license to conduct business in Maryland and maintains bonds that cover the actions of the TIPIC. It is a violation of Maryland law for a TIP to use a TIPIC unless the TIP’s bonds cover the TIPIC or the TIPIC maintains a separate bond. It is the responsibility of the TIP to be sure the TIP’s bond covers the TIPIC or the TIPIC has its own bond. If the TIP’s bond does not cover the TIPIC and the TIPIC does not have its own bond, the MIA will hold the TIP and the TIPIC responsible for this violation of Maryland law.​ The name, address and license number of the TIP and, if applicable, the TIPIC must be recorded with the mortgage or deed or trust. It is the responsibility of the TIP to ensure this information is recorded.

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 A TIPIC must complete 16  hours (13 Title+3 Ethics)

License renewals are on a two-year cycle based on the birth month of the licensee. Licensee must complete 3 hours of CE in Ethics. Carryover hours are not allowed. Duplicate courses are not allowed within the same renewal period nor within 6 months. Complete CEs 30 days before the license expiration date. 


 By becoming a TIPIC MLTA member, you will not only have access to 16 hours of free online continuing education, allowing you to keep up with education from the comfort of your home, but you will also have access to all member resources. Membership includes discounts on events, networking opportunities, and access to legislative updates, just to name a few. By becoming a member and having an active license, you will also be listed in our MLTA Member TIPIC Directory making it easier for TIPs to find you!