As I embark on my year as President of the Maryland Land Title Association, I am full of immense gratitude for the leadership of the Presidents who came before me because, without their guidance, this organization would not be where it is today.  I am thankful for the mentorship I received throughout my journey. There have been many people in the industry who have provided guidance and have supported me.  Finally, I am grateful for our members and their continued support because, without our members, we would not have an association. 

The past few years have been challenging for our industry. We were designated as essential workers and had to figure out new ways to get deals to the table despite the challenges of the pandemic.  We were very creative in this endeavor.  People set up folding tables in their parking lot, handled transactions from their cars, and many other creative solutions to help facilitate the American dream of homeownership.  Now we face new challenges, rising interest rates, inflation, and housing inventory shortages.  The thing I admire most about the people in our industry is our perseverance and when faced with challenges, we rise to the occasion.  Together, we will rise above and overcome any challenge that may come. 

I started in this industry in 2001 and became involved in the MLTA in 2010.  Over the past twelve years, I have served on the Convention and Education Committees and held several positions on the Board of Directors.  During my tenure, I hope to foster continuity, cohesiveness, and transparency and to help set us up for continued success.    The industry is evolving, the way we do business is changing, and we will continue to progress to meet the needs of our members.  The MLTA Board consists of a group of talented and dedicated individuals, and I look forward to working with them this year to create long-term goals for the association.  The board represents and serves our members, and we take great pride in that.  I am proud to say that I am a member of the MLTA, and I hope you are too.  

Jennifer Greenberg, CLTP
MLTA President 2022-2023