The mission of the Maryland Land Title Association is to promote professionalism and communication throughout the real estate title industry. This mission includes promoting standards and regulations that increase the effectiveness of the industry. Learn more about MLTA benefits...

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Anyone and everyone who participates in the title industry in Maryland can benefit from membership in MLTA. Members include underwriters, title companies, attorneys who practice real estate, tax, and foreclosure law, individuals, abstractors, title industry vendors, real estate agents and aspiring title producers. With the ever-changing regulatory and government landscape, it is vitally important that you keep abreast of the rapid changes in Maryland’s title industry. Membership in MLTA guarantees you will be up-to-date.

Memberships expire each year on October 31st. Be sure to renew your membership each year to take advantage of MLTA benefits. 

By joining the Maryland Land Title Association, you agree to abide by the association's Code of Ethics

MLTA is over 350 members strong representing over 2,500 professionals in the Maryland land title industry. Join now and become part of our community.

Member Types

Class A: Agency/Agent

Agency members may produce title insurance policies, conduct real estate settlements, or sell/market title insurance. Agency members have the option to select company size and add staff. They are entitled to the full benefits of membership including education and voting. 

Class A: Underwriter

Underwriter members insure title policies. Underwriter member dues are based on premiums written in the previous calendar year. They have the option to add unlimited staff and enjoy the full benefits of membership including education and voting. 

Class A: Individual

Individual members (Class A) may be TIPICs or related professionals who require title insurance continuing education. They do NOT have the option to add staff but enjoy education and voting rights. 

Class B: Associate

Associate members, commonly known as vendors, market services to title insurance companies and underwriters. They may add unlimited staff, but do NOT have the option to receive education credits and may NOT vote. 

Class B: Individual

Individual Members (Class B) are professionals who want to stay in the loop, market services to our industry, or otherwise, remain involved in the association. They may not add staff, access education credits, or vote. 

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